Epic Night with Bearded Men

October 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was quite excited when I heard that BDolan was going to perform again in Preston. I was very excited when Dan agreed to let me photograph the night. 


It was a cold wet windy day as the tail end of the hurricane hit Preston. I was pleased to be in the venue out of the weather.  BDolan was already laying out merch which included great looking vinyl. It was probably a good job that I don't take a lot of cash with me!

The first act of the night was Person A who took to the stag with a good number of people in the venue. He performed a great set which went down well and had everyone warmed up. He performed a song accompanied by Tom on guitar dedicated to friends who are off traveling which went down well.

BDolan cuts a menacing figure as he stands in his black jacket hood shades onup back to the crowd. The background music level rises and BDolan starts his narration. The songs flow with the crowd instantly joining in singing along to the backing samples and responding to BDolan call and responses.

I am fortunate enough to have seen BDolan perform twice before and his songs seem more relevant now than ever. Look up the song "Who's side are you on".

The set went down really well with a good crowd making the room bounce to many of the songs.

I have listened to Sage Francis and was excited to see him live. He did not disappoint. He has a really clever set of lyrics and a lot of energy. He ran around the stage as he performed his songs and the crowd loved them all.

BDolan came back on stage to join Sage and they performed together. Individually they are great together they are even better. 

At the end of the gig both performers left the stage and spent a long time chatting to fans and signing autographs.


Thanks to staff at 53 degrees

Thanks to all 3 performers for a great night

Big thanks to Dan for inviting me down and getting these brilliant performers to Preston.

Going Underground

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I had a walk from the car to the venue and fired a few shots off while walking there is always plenty to shoot in Blackpool.

Bootleg is a subterranean bar with a nice vibe. It has various areas including bar area with tables, pool table, comfortable chairs and the stage area. The stage is low and relatively small. There is no pit or barriers for photographers.

The sound at the venue was good unfortunately the lighting was terrible. As ever I worked with what I had.

The Surrenders were the first band on and payed a great set. I had not heard this band before but I really enjoyed their set. 

No Hot Ashes were next to take to the stage and they didn't disappoint. The size of the stage restricted the dancing and on stage antics. I was pleased that they sounded as good as I remembered and the crowd seemed to enjoy the set as much as I did.


Unfortunately  it was 23:45 when they finished which resulted in me doing a cinderella style sprint for the door. 

Thanks to the bands for entertaining me

Thanks to MR Peeps for the invite 

Cheers to Bootleg Blackpool for the invite.



Vegas in Manchester

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I met Nigel Cartner at Blackthorn Festival. He wrote reviews of the festival and was great company. At the 2017 Blackthorn Festival he told me that he had written a book and would I like to come to the launch. A night in a casino with 3 top music acts sounded good to me.

I was not in my natural habitat as I walked through the casino towards the private room with pull up display showing the book cover and tag line.

It was the first gig I had been at where my drinks change was passed to me on a small silver tray!

Thankfully Nigel and also lots of other friends from the music industry were already in the room and the first act was soon on the stage.

I have been fortunate enough to watch Jess Kemp play on numerous occasions. Her family had also turned out to support her. I have never seen Jess play a bad set and she didn't disappoint with her own songs a cover that related to music mentioned in the book.

Matt Fryers took to the stage and I instantly liked his voice and music. He really puts a lot of emotion into his songs and this resulted in a great set. He did an amazing cover of Hurt.

Mohawk Radio are a band that I have heard talked about a lot and it has all been very positive. Mia has a great voice and when surrounded by talented musicians it could only lead to a good things. 

Nigel did some readings from the book which just makes me want to start the book so Im off


Lost in Manchester Found in Vegas is available through Amazon.


Thanks to Nigel for inviting to his night

Thanks to all 3 acts for brilliant performances

and thanks to friends old and new for letting me shoot them.

Circus Starr

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I took my boys to watch Circus Starr in Blackpool. This was the third year that we had visited which says how good it is. I was sat with my boys and had a line of bulbs across my view I thought it would be tricky to get any shots.

The circus is a brilliant display of what humans can do. The strength, grace and bravery of the performers was evident in every act. 

A very funny clown kept everyone amused while the equipment was changed between acts.

Thanks to all at Circus Starr

Needles, Fire, Lawnmower and Chainsaw

August 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I spent a brilliant day at Blackpool Tatcon. This was the second year that I had been invited to take shots and I had a great day.

The room has rows of booths with artists doing tattoo and at the end a large stage. There is also a separate room with trade tables.

The quality of the tattoos being produced had to be seen to be believed. On stage Johnny Strange help my attention with an act that included: cutting an apple with a chainsaw while blindfolded, balancing a running lawn mower on his chin and sword swallowing.

Am over 6 feet tall and so its unusual for me to sense being looked down on but today these ladies looked down on me. They also did a great stage act which included use of fire. The stage manager was looking slightly twitchy at the size of the flames.

Massive thanks to Anna and Sham for inviting and looking after me.

If you are tempted check out their work at inked tattoo Blackpool