No love its not that kind of singles night

February 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Ugly man records singles night at Dulcimer Bar Chorlton Manchester.
Warning: Do not pick up an envelope from the doormat announce to your wife its tickets for the gig on saturday and then pull out tickets with 'Singles Night' written across them!
The line up:
Chaz Rigsby
Sea witches
The falling
Little secrets
The room was filling nicely as I arrived and was pleased to see some familiar faces the boys from The Falling and Guy from Ugly Man records.
The evening started with a lesson in what can be done with a guitar and good voice. Chaz performed a great set my favourite being a track called "Truth". I only had one problem with his set and that is that it was too short I could have listened to him all night.
The Sea Witches line up makes a refreshing change with female base and lead singer. They also had some atmospheric background effects. Each song was performed with real passion with Tempest being the highlight for me. I could imagine this group making a concept type album with long instrumentals. The room was now rammed and all were captivated by the set.
I have heard and shot The Falling on several occasions and there mix of great musicianship with clever lyrics is very impressive. On first listen you just enjoy them as good songs. The second time you hear them you realise the true feeling behind these men who want to tell it like it is. They give you an opportunity to think about the direction we are all moving in. Like all great protest songs they leave you enjoying the set but also thinking about the songs.
They proudly produced there new single with one of my shots on the cover. It's worth buying for the sleeve alone! To be fair the songs are pretty good too.
The Little Secrets are not going to be little or secret for long. There new single All I Need deserves to do well and I'm sure it will. I'm going to list the set as any one of these could do well and I want to be able to say that I told you so:
Hourglass, Go, Today, I Belong, Right Through You, All I Need
It has been a great night of music and once again Ugly Man Records has found quality acts all different but all hugely entertaining.


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