Thieves use revolver in crowd to get blank cheque

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Band on the Wall Manchester
Kindest of Thieves 
Black Sonic Revolver
The Madding Crowd
Blank Cheque
What a great venue. I enjoyed the relaxed bar area while waiting for the gig to start and met up with the bands and fellow photographer David Kitson.
Kindest of Thieves is one man, one guitar and a drum machine. He started with a great line that he uses a drum machine as it won't sleep with your ex!
His approach and attitude was very relaxed and gave the impression that he could not believe people would make the effort to hear him sing. 
After one song I could see why people would definitely make the effort. He is a great singer and player with a unique sound. I am not going to try to describe his sound as he admits that it is a bit weird!
I really enjoyed the songs 'Come See to Me', and 'All I am guilty of is being lonely'.
Black Sonic Revolver
The boys are back with a new line up and album. It is worth getting the album just for the photo on the CD not that I am biased.
Some things remained the same great songs, tambourine thrown into crowd to play and a great singalong from the fans.
The line up has changed and some new songs. The set felt more professional and polished whilst still maintaining the BSR party mood. The Cd is well worth the fiver asking price.
The madding crowd are one of the most entertaining bands I have seen. I was not sure if I wanted to watch them again as I could not believe they could be as good as last time I photographed them.
Ben the lead singer who has some bottle, he starts the set singing unaccompanied which grabs the audiences attention. I am not going to describe the full set as it will spoil it for those who take my advice and see them live. Here are a few things to look for:
The bass player prefers not to face the crowd
The lead singer wears silver shoes and jacket and part way through seems to be in prayer
The guitarist was wearing beret and mac and ended one song playing whilst lead on the floor.
The drummer sticks to holding it all together and plays a solid set.
I was not the only fan in the crowd judging from the T-shirts and crowd volume to their song 'Walking in the Rain'.




















 Once again a great energetic performance with quality songs.
As soon as the first song started I remembered that I had seen Bank Cheque before. They have a distinctive style and sound. The band mix classic tracks with their own tracks. It says a lot about the quality of their own tracks as they slip in so easily with the classics. 
One of the highlights of the performance was the saxophone playing that lifted the whole performance. The band have great support and they danced from the first song to the last as well as singing along to every song.
I had a really great night at a great venue with quality entertainment.
Thanks to the bands for great performances, Dave Kitson for the drink my shout next time and all the staff at Band on the Wall for a brilliant venue and real hospitality.
Looking forward to my next visit already!





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