A bit about me

I live in Wesham in Lancashire but spent most of my years living and working in Preston. I am married and have 3 children. I have always enjoyed taking photographs and am now combining it with my other interests.

The cameras that I have are a Nikon 750 and a Sony Alpha however if anyone has a few thousand pounds to get rid of a Nikon D4S would be nice.

The one photograph that I would like to take would be of my three children all with natural smiles and looking at the camera!

Why Labrat?

I was working in a science laboratory and a friend decided to refer to me as "just a lab rat". When I needed an ID for computers or photography it came in useful. At the lab I have tested everything from ninja turtle figures to a Kebab that allegedly made some one ill at 02:30 on a Saturday night.

Copies of my images

I use a great printing lab to produce the best quality prints of my images in a wide range of sizes. I am also able to send images through email or dropbox. If you would like any of the images get in touch for details.

If you would like me to shoot you (photographically) get in touch