Buckle & Boots

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Buckle and Boots festival like so many other live events had been on ice due to the Covid pandemic. I was excited to be invited to shoot the festival but did have some reservations due to it being my first time amongst large numbers of people.

I know that the organisers would have taken all the steps possible and knowing how open the venue is I set off to the farm on Thursday night after cleaning my camera and lenses.

As I arrived at the farm after driving through the beautiful country park I recognised the familiar smile and welcome from the security. I put up my festival tent (Tesco Special) and headed to the barn.

The Hancocks and team had transformed the main stage bar area. The bar had moved from the centre of the barn to the full length at the back of the barn and a new seating area to the side of the stage. It was great to see Dave and team setting up the sound and lighting. Having witnesssed the skills of his team at Blackthorn Music Festival I knew that the sound and light would be brilliant.

The festival started with a great acoustic night in the new redesigned barn. It was also a great opportunity to meet up with friends and try to remember how to use my camera.

The Friday and Saturday were a blur of great artists meeting up with friends old and new and exploring the full festival site. I couldnt resist having a go at the axe throwing and at riding the mechanical bull. There were also the opportunity to seriously damage your credit card on clothing, boots and accessories. The boots were stunning and I was very tempted.

The food stalls have always been good at previous events and excelled at this event. The choice for vegetarians has also has grown with plenty of options from the various stalls.

The performances both in the paddock tent and on the main stage were simply brilliant. I recognised a few names from previous festivals and also from the awards night I photographed. A lot of credit must go to the organising team for such a brilliant line up under the difficult circumstances and restriction on travel. It was also great that artists had come from overseas to perform at the festival and the crowd left them in no doubt how much their sets were enjoyed.

On Sunday morning I attended the church service with Lynn Boyle and musician friends. The service included some lovely music and heart felt service by Lynn. Im not ashamed to admit to shedding a tear as it really hit home as I lost my dad in February. I challenge anyone to listen to Jade Halliwell sing Telephone and not be moved.

My favorite set of photos are titled 'Beautiful People' and are photographs of the people who attended the weekend. There were so many lovely people who I met over the weekend and it was great seeing people enjoying themselves.

I would like to thank the Hancock family for inviting me to photograph the festival and providing a lot of laughs, my fellow photographers for their company advice and encouragement, the artists for sharing their talent and especially all the beautiful people for allowing me to capture their moments at the festival.

Hope to see you all soon.


Stanley Invites Us Back

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Its the second night of Lancashire Briefs Monologues part of the Lancashire fringe Festival. I recognise some faces from the previous week but also a lot of new people. The format was the same as the previous week with seven actors performing monologues written by local writers. The layout of the room was the same but with more people standing at the backs of the room as all seats were taken.


The stories again were again on a wide variety of subjects and all were brilliantly acted. The range of topics included death, crime, age and more. Im not giving away details of the stories as Im sure they will be read and performed many more times. 

Again the capacity crowd were enchanted by each performance and were moved by the portrail of the characters. A lot of credit should be given to the writers and performers for a very entertaining evening. 

Thanks to Garry for the invitation to shoot. He is also responcible for this amazing 10 day festival.

The Stanley Arms were again great hosts for the evening.

Not lost just not where I should be

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I had the opportunity to take a couple of shots of an orienteering competition organised by Pendle Forest Orienteering club. The club was held at Brun valley in Burnley.


There were two competitions on the day a junior and senior event. 

5454 11

















The event was really well organised and fascinating to watch. The routes includes hard short climbs, made paths, woodland, parks and some very wet ground.

77 1919

















2828 4242

















All the competitors seemed to really enjoy the event and had a great morning.



Jess Kemp at Deaf Institute

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Its happened twice and must therefore be a tradition. The Jess Kemp Christmas Gig. 

Due to the popularity of the night it had to be moved to a larger venue. Thankfully that venue was the Deaf Institute which is one of my favourite venues. 

While waiting for the music to start I looked around the bar and recognised a lot of faces. The kemp family and friends were out in force. I also noticed the main man of Manchester gig photography Trust a Fox not only is he a great photographer he is also a top man. 

The night started with Evie who sang and played keys beautifully, the already full room feel silent as her voice floated across the room. What an amazing set really looking forward to seeing her perform again in future.

Jordan Drinkwater was next up to face the crowd. He played guitar and was accompanied throughout his set. The set was great with a cover of the best Christmas song ever written. Jordan is all over social media and well worth looking up.


















The stage fills with the band and then Jess takes her position centre stage. The set included many of the classics that Fans of Jess would recognise, Vondel Park, two coins and Camden. As well as some newer tracks. The band sounded great and really added depth to the songs. 

















I special mention has to go to Sam his playing was incredible and he never fails to impress.
















Thanks to Deaf Institute for the hospitality

Thanks to Kemp family and friends for tolerating me getting in the way.

Big thanks to Jess for the invite and great night of music.

Top Flight

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I was invited to attend and shoot the BCMA awards 2019. The event was being held at the Concorde Hanger at Manchester Airport. I walked towards the venue and got my first view of the concorde through the giant windows. What an iconic and stunning machine.

Entering the venue a red carpets leads into the main hanger the engineering masterpiece spans the space with decorated table arranged under its iconic wings. There are 2 stages and a band are sound checking and sounding great. I am now really excited for the night. 


















A guide from the centre invites a group to board the concorde and gives a brilliant informative and entertaining talk about the aircraft and some of its famous passengers. While on the plane I get to hear the second song of the night as a group of friends have a sing along in the aisle of the plane.

I meet up with the other photographers and Karl, Laura and team from Buckle and Boots festival who are responsible for this event. As more guests arrive the music starts on the main stage. There is a real mix of dinner suits, cocktail dresses, boots and hats anything goes and all the attendees seem ready for a fun night of great music and awards.

The night continued alternating between performances from both British and American artists on the main stage and presentation of awards on the second stage. The one thing that comes across in all the speeches is the mutual support for all involved in the industry. This included artists encouraging other artists to festivals encouraging people to attend the other festivals. 

















The music continued as did the drinking dancing and party. What a brilliant event in a unique venue.


















All the artists are well worth checking out even if you don't think its your style of music.

Gary Quinn, Emma Jade, Gareth Nugent, American Young, Lewis Brice, Twinnie, William Michael Morgan, Stevie O Connor and Kezia Gill


















































































Huge thanks to the amazing artists for entertaining me, staff at the hanger for their hospitality, all the guests I photographed during the night, my fellow togs and the festival family for the invitation to join your party.


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