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Ugly Man Christmas Office Party
The party was held at Night and Day and I met a happy Tom from the Mantells outside. He was saying what a great year the band had enjoyed including reaching 140 in iTunes Charts.
I went in and realised that I didn't know the real name of the boss behind Ugly Man Records, first dilemma of the night, do I guess who could be the boss and introduce myself by asking if he is ugly man. Do I look for someone I recognise and tell them that I am looking for an ugly man. I then noticed a man who seemed to know most people in the bar and risked an introduction. I must thank him for the invitation to his party and his hospitality (He isn't ugly either).
I thought that I had misread the invite as it looked like 7 acts and that sounded impossible. It worked but was a little crazy. I struggled to get the shots and keep up with who was who so apologise for any errors. In brief there were no crap acts so that helped!
Anthony Grantham formally of Marion started the party demonstrating his guitar and vocal skills. He has some good hard hitting songs and I will be looking out for more songs from him in 2015. I believe the best description of his music was "Slutty Sounding".
The Falling played a great set the last time I watched and shot them at Night and Day. I was also pleased to see the proof of their Cd cover which uses a photo of Brian's shoe that I took at the last gig. They have been working hard gigging and also promoting the White Ribbon charity to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Their song These hands is helping to raise money for this important cause. Please have a look at the web site the statistics will shock you. 
The band sounded great and I'm sure that they picked ups few more fans of their music. Looking forward to getting hands on a copy of the Cd next year as well as watching them play live.
Lucy was a decoy great name, great sound the t shirts were quality and popular as well! A great band from North Wales with a new EP due next year. Get on the web and have a listen some really good music.
The Sugarmen travelled across from Liverpool to show what all the hype is about. It's all deserved as they played one quality song after another to the appreciate crowd. They have tracks on sound cloud that are well worth a listen.
The Mantells are a 3 piece band consisting of Tom Barrow and brothers Dale and Lewis Moran. They have had an incredible year including the release of their single Men in Suits. A new song of theirs Payday Playboys also went well with the crowd. Good to see the boys having a bit of fun and wearing santa hats and giving us a christmas song.
James and Chris from Manchester band Alias Kid took to the stage and demonstrated that the hard work the band put in pays off. Alias Kid have a debut album due out next year and I will be looking out for it. It was such a shame that they could not play for longer as I could have listened to them for a lot longer.
The Fores had made the journey from their home town of Leicester. They didn't hold anything back and must be the first band to nearly end up in the crowd during the first song. It seemed that they put all the energy that they would use for a full set into their shortened set. The songs kept coming with more and more manic performance on stage. At one point all members of the band with the exception of the drummer balanced on the edge of the stage and played for the large number of fans they had brought and large number of fans that had gained. It was a shame that they had such a short period of time as the crowd would have loved more.
Ugly Man Records has a real ability to find really quality acts and I would have been happy to spend the night listening to any of them. I would keep a note of the names and watch their web sites as they all have big plans for next year.
I must also give a shout to Mr Peeps who was out supporting local music visiting at least 2 gigs during the night. Great to see you again and so many exciting plans for next year. My copious coffee consumed during editing now tastes even better. Owe you one!
Thanks to all the bands for demonstrating how much great music there is around.
Thanks to Night and Day for their hospitality and surviving a tough year.
A bid Thank you to Ugly Man Records for introducing me to so many quality acts and arranging for me to shoot on the night. I am looking forward to more of your nights in 2015.




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