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If the devil makes music like this Im off to hell

March 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ruby lounge goes off!

I had a change of plans on Saturday, I was intending to go to Kraak to watch and probably shoot the amazing line up off:
The Backhanders
The Moods
JB Barrington
It was always going to be a quality night. Trust a Fox Photography has some great shots of the night.
My plans changed and I went to the Ruby Lounge to watch a performer that really impressed me the last time I caught him at Band on the Wall. Kindest of Thieves, one Man, one guitar, one drum machine and a cymbal. He sounded amazing and the full house at the Ruby Lounge really got behind him. I was intending to try and get some film of him but the room was too packed to set a camera up! The now full venue really seemed to be enjoying his music and humour. Once again he gave a great performance and put the crowd into a great mood for the headline band.
The headline act The Devil Makes Three have traveled from Vermont and are in the middle of a European tour. They have been around for years and have a massive loyal following. 
I have never seen the Ruby Lounge so packed or heard a crowd in such good voice from the first song to the last.
The band consist of lead guitar Pete Bernhard, guitar and Bango Cooper McBean and Lucia Turino on Bass all three also took turns to sing. They were also joined on stage by 2 fiddle players.
They played a long set but it didn't feel too long due to the variation in their songs. All the musicians demonstrated that they were all very talented and prepared to really go for it. The crowd seemed to know every word. Possibly because they are a band that they will only see live a couple of times they were really making the most of it.
The energy and tempo of the band was infectious and with random arms being linked and dancing in the crowd the energy levels soared. There was almost a battle within the band to show who could play the fastest and most skilled and I am not prepared to call it. I have received information that the two fiddle players are from a band called Brown Bird. Think it time to look them up.
I love bands that make an effort to meet with their fans after a gig and all members of Devil Makes Three came off stage and went into the crowd to talk with fans and sell their merch.
Most people that arrived at the gig were devoted fans of the band everyone leaving the gig was now a devoted fan of the band.
Many thanks to Kindness of Thieves for the invitation. Thanks to all the performers for amazing sets. Also thanks to the Ruby lounge for great sound as well as typical Manchester hospitality.



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