From Shoulder Op to Hip Hop 2

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My physio is going well and range of movement is increasing so I thought I would see if the shoulder was gig ready. I went for something a bit different an American rap and spoken word artist with support.

Venue: The Ferret Preston

Night: Thursday

Cost: £7 in advance

B Dolan from Rhode Island was headlining on his first trip to Preston. I have heard some of his music before and was excited at the chance to see him live. before he got to the mic a full support had their chance.


















Razor Rawks was first to pick up the mic. He is from Preston but now lives the wrong side of the river. He is rightly proud of his home town and this comes through in his delivery no fake accents here. It may not be pretty, it may not be polite but it is honest and it is quality. He does a great political song with clever lyrics such as describing parliament as Eaton Mess. Also loved his use of the line "The kind of beats to snap your neck to". Have a look at his site for more information, tunes and description of Flat Cap Rap.

















Roman Scott and wingman Louis (Half Crown Band Member) had travelled from their hometown of Brighton. Randy plays keys and beat box while Louis raps. The boys seemed to be enjoying the tour and have a great song about the homeless as well as showing their free style skills.

















If you take a computer game obsessed ex teacher give him a laptop, skills and too much energy you have MegaRaw. He used to teach kids back home in the states but tonight he educated the crowd to his style of Philadelphia computer game influenced hip hop. It took him no time to have the hands up in the air and crowd jumping around. He also showed a great sense of humour messing with auto tune for one of his tracks. His partner in rhyme Storyville had the crowd bouncing and loving his delivery to keep their party going.

Buddy Peace is a digital miracle workerhe mixes scratches and plays digital drums faster than anyone I have ever seen. Do not underestimate him from his appearance he played some amazing mixes.

To be polite B Dolan has a presence. He is built like a brick out house and has a cold sinister stare.

















He stood in near darkness and the crowd waited. His dj Buddy Peace dropped a beat and Dolan in a calm collected manner delivered his lyrics. I was transfixed from this point onwards. He has the ability to deliver machine gun style fast gritty hard lyrics and then switch to a moving slower calm monologue. All the time Buddy Peace is keeping the beat with samples, scratches and the occasional Klaxon.

At one point a photographer decided to climb onto the stage to get a different angle. I feared for him as as he was removed from the stage by Dolan who reminded him "This is my work space". I thought I caught a slight smile as he released him but it could have just been the lights.

At one point he killed the beat and delivered a speech worthy of any great narrator both for passion and honesty. Before one song he told the crowd to put away their phones and listen to the song and simply remember it. If I don't get the chance to see him perform again I will not forget the night I witnessed B Dolan.

















He has a lot of songs available through his web site. Make sure you check out "who's side are you on" and "film the police" a clever reworking of a classic.

Thanks to the artists for entertaining me

Thanks to The Ferret for their hospitality














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