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Kick off In The City

December 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I couldn't see any evidence of the book launch as I entered Cosmonaut in Manchester. It was a nice bar and so I decided that I would use the toilet grab a drink and check the details online.

As I head down the stairs the beat from the tracks played by the DJ let me know I had found the right place. The small room was packed with a mix of people including a few I recognised. Photographers, musicians, promoters and artists all turned out to wish Photographer David Gleave well with his book launch.

The book is a collection of photographs he has taken on the streets of London, New York, Brooklyn, Brighton, Ibiza and Manchester. It was good to recognise some of his subjects in the book. If you like the sound of his photographs check him out. www.northernfacephoto.com

I then moved on to a bar to shoot one of my favourite live bands. The Madding Crowd have several EPs out and an amazing stage presence. The band were on great form sounding amazing and they covered every inch of the stage. 


I started to shoot them but the performance was cut short by the venue owner. I will not go into details as I don't intend to give the manager a right to response. The band were obviously upset and deserved better. Thankfully the band and fans decided to take take the sensible option and left the bar before things got out of hand. 



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