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I went to a gig without my camera as the show was being photographed by a fellow photographer Trust a Fox Photography. I have also had a few late nights editing lots of poppies and crafty vintage shots. It was officially a night off.

The night was held a pub I had not been to before called The Old Nags Head in Manchester. I arrived at the venue and was pleased to a see a space just before it to park in. I headed into the pub to find the walls covered in framed photographs unfortunately I didn't have time to study them as I wanted to catch all the gig.

The first act was a lady called Kate Bendelow. She is a great poet and also had some great banter between poems. Anyone with children or who have been forced to spend time with them will appreciate her humour. She provided a great opening and set a high standard for the night.

Ryan Jarvis is well known on the Manchester music scene and has recently supported some big acts. There is no hiding his Manchester roots and his thought provoking lyrics and brilliant delivery make him great to watch.

Marvin Cheeseman is a poet that I was really looking forward to seeing. I had watched clips of him and found him to be brilliantly entertaining. He contrasts the in your face hard hitting compare JB Barrington with his quiet gentle delivery style. He read his great poems one of my favourite being his take on "If". Have a look online or ever better go and see him perform.

Mike Sweeney is a radio Dj also front man for Salford Jets and traditional Salford bloke. If the younger generation believe they invented the "No Fucks Given" they have never met or heard Mike tell his stories. Don't be fooled into thinking that as he has been around for a while thats all in the past I get the feeling he would love it to kick off just so he could get involved! He told brilliant stories of his musical past during a questions and answers session with JB Barrington. He then sang several songs and explained the art of song writing/theft. His rendition of Woody Guthries "This Land is your Land" with his own last verse sounded great with combined voices of most in the room.

JB Barrington was the host for the evening and his rule for the evening was "when someone is performing you shut the fuck up". This no nonsense approach and ability to say what everyone is thinking sums him up.  His poems mix nostalgia, humour, observation and medical conditions. There are some great clips on you tube. He also has a book out with many of his best poems. He reads his poem in a fantastic way with his salford accent brilliantly hitting every word despite the speed of delivery.

Steve Harris should not be allowed out. He made me laugh at things that I simply shouldn't laugh at. Im not going to repeat his jokes but they included issues such as his MRs, spitting on bees, upsetting US Marines and fat people. One of the funniest things involved the man mountain of a bouncer if you had been there you could have enjoyed it. There was an attempted heckle that was slammed with the line "They said comedy would make me a sex magnet, well I have just attracted a cunt.

The landlord of the pub joined the action by going on stage and reciting a poem about his best mate. It went down well and he seems a top guy.


The last laugh of the night is on me. I left the pub out the door down the street and my car was gone. I walked up and down the street swearing and stomping like a nutter with tourettes. I then noticed I was on the wrong street. I went back through the pub and out the opposite door to my waiting laughing car.

Huge thanks to all the acts for such great entertainment.

Thanks to all at the Old Nags Head for great hospitality in a proper pub. 

All photographs are provided by and remain the copyright of Trust a Fox Photography. Please do not copy or use without permission.




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