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Red lights are for prostitutes

January 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Preston has a new live music venue in what used to be the foyer of the guild hall and I was invited to shoot a one night festival called Fiesta Bombarda there.

As you approach the entrance to the guild hall there is a very nice looking villa Italia on one side and Review Cocktail Bar on the other. I stepped into the Review bar to have a nosy and a coke. It looks like it has been designed by Drew Pritchard with industrial table and chairs exposed brickwork and vintage lights.

It has a central round bar and the cool tunes were intererupted by the general chatter of guests and ferocious shaking of cocktails.

Into the venue and was met by large neon masks and large stage and DJ already spinning some tunes.

The crowd really are a mixed bunch from over 50s in vintage Hawaiian shirts, Glastonbury hippies, black tshirt wearing metal fans. It was a truly strange group, in only thing in common was the feeling that the night was going to be a bit special. I checked the photography rules with Dan the promoter and the guild hall security thankfully they were all relaxed and let me do my thing.

The stage was well lit and spots also shone out into the crowd there was a pit across the front of the stage and I had access to the wings to shoot across the stage. It looked like I had no excuses not to get some good shots.

A group called the Beatnik collective consist of individuals skilled with poi, juggling clubs, staff and nunchucks. Most of these contained LEDs to show them off in the club. It was almost hypnotic watching the movement of the lights and the bodies of the performers.

There were 5 bands lined up with the DJ filling the minimal gaps between them. I am pleased to say that the sound was top class and the lighting almost perfect.

The opening band kicked off the night as the venue was filling nicely.


All the bands played great sets I had heard Jeremiah Ferrari before and he always gets the crowd going with his great reggae sounds. The way his songs were sung back surgested he had a numerous fans in the crowd.

I love the sound of Dirty Bare Feet from the first song to the last the crowd were captivated and I hope to catch them again soon.

Riot Jazz consist of trumpets, trombones, sousaphone and singer. The main man came to the front of the stage and passed out Christmas goodies including chocolate and fruit. The crowd would need their energy as the place was bouncing. i said that the lighting was near perfect that was because the lead from Riot jazz asked for the lights to be turned down and a red cast put across the stage. Red lights should be reserved for prostitutes not gigs!

The party was still going when I made my excuses to leave I had loved it but was exhausted.

Thanks to the bands and performers for letting me shoot them. Thanks to Dan for the invite hope to work with you again in 2017

Big thanks to staff of the guild hall complex for your hospitality.


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