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Needles, Fire, Lawnmower and Chainsaw

August 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I spent a brilliant day at Blackpool Tatcon. This was the second year that I had been invited to take shots and I had a great day.

The room has rows of booths with artists doing tattoo and at the end a large stage. There is also a separate room with trade tables.

The quality of the tattoos being produced had to be seen to be believed. On stage Johnny Strange help my attention with an act that included: cutting an apple with a chainsaw while blindfolded, balancing a running lawn mower on his chin and sword swallowing.

Am over 6 feet tall and so its unusual for me to sense being looked down on but today these ladies looked down on me. They also did a great stage act which included use of fire. The stage manager was looking slightly twitchy at the size of the flames.

Massive thanks to Anna and Sham for inviting and looking after me.

If you are tempted check out their work at inked tattoo Blackpool 


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