Chorltons Finest

May 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I haven't done much shooting recently for a variety of reasons. It was a nice to be asked to shoot some publicity photographs for Steedy. 

I rode down the highstreet taking in the relaxed Sunday evening vibe as people enjoyed food and drinks in the sun.

Steedy met me and on entering his flat it was evident he was a very talented artist. There were large graffiti pieces on boards propped against the wall. On the walls are hand drawn images and tattoo designs. Several guitars are propped in the corner of the room and notebooks contain handwritten lyrics.

I was then lucky enough to have a performance of his latest song Backflip. What a great track with a mix of traditional spanish sounding guitar with powerful lyrics delivered over the top. As soon as I get a link I will include it.

Thank to Jot (Rum thief) for making the introductions.

Big thanks to Steedy for making it such an enjoyable shoot and really looking forward to hearing more of your music.


Impossible Party

February 04, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday night and the Party is on.  A friend of mine introduced me to a manager of company who holds a staff party in February.

The venue was the Impossible Club in Manchester. It is a great venue and I enjoyed the night.

The shooting of party people is not my style of photography but I enjoyed the challenge and learnt a lot. The acts on the night were also very good and I will credit them once I have their details.

A New One Unless You Have Heard It Before

December 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

Jess Kemp performed at the Castle in Manchester. It felt like entering a proper old school boozer and was very inviting on a cold winter night. The room had a small stage at the end of the room sound desk at the opposite end and a strange high ceiling. 

It was great to see the clan Kemp and other familiar faces in the already busy room at the Castle.

The night was being live streamed by Show Stream who did a great job and clips from the night are available online.

The opening act was Lyza and what an opening. She had an incredible voice which was tender but also had an edge. She has a new single out SYA which is well worth looking up. 

Lyza introduced the next act Jack Woodward as having the greatest speaking voice. Well Im not sure that his speaking voice had the same effect on me as it did on a lot of the audience. What I can say is that is singing voice was first class. He has a great set of original songs including the one he performed on the X Factor Live Tour. He has a new single and more plans for 2019. 

Jess Kemp took to the Stage with Sam and provided nearly an hour of great musical entertainment. The highlights for me included when she put down the guitar and moved behind the keyboard. Her latest song Leave a chair out is an incredibly moving song and its no surprise it is getting such great reviews. She also performed No Shouting (or with an Irlam accent No Shoutin) which also had the crowd singing along.

In-between songs and instrument changes Jess chats and her open friendly style is instantly likeable. The quote of the night "This is a new one or it might not be depends if you have heard it before". Genius.

Sam Butterworth must get a mention as his guitar playing was incredible with a couple of great solos.

Thanks to Jess for asking me to shoot the night.

Thanks to Kemp clan and friends for making me feel so welcome.



No Rum or Criminal Activity

August 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have enjoyed the music of Rum Thief since the first listen. I challenge anyone to listen to Dirty Shoes and not join in singing along. As well as his hard hitting songs there is also a more tender side to some of his tracks.

At every gig he plays a devoted group of family and friends are there supporting him and having a party. His band played a great set and also looked to be having a great time.

I was really pleased to see that Guy Fiddler the Harmonica Guy was at the gig to join Jot on stage and add that special harmonica sound to the song. The two of them sounded great together with the crowd joining in. 

All too soon the set was over the big lights came on and time to hit the road.

Thanks to Deaf Institute great staff and sound.

Thanks Jot and team for the invite.

Unfortunately the lighting was red lights and a lot of fog which made photography difficult. (Red lights should be saved for a brothel!).

Wearing a beret and glasses

April 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Band on the Wall is one of my favourite venues in Manchester nice bar to relax in prior to the gig and then a great gig space with quality sound and lighting. I was here for Mica Millar performing as part of her Defender tour.

The support had to be changed at the last minute due to illness. While I hope that they make a speedy recovery it did give me the opportunity to watch the brilliant Jermaine Peterson. What a rich, deep and soulful voice. It was also very impressive that his full set was original songs and not a bad one amongst them. Jermaine was accompanied by a lovely female singer and talented guitarist both did their jobs perfectly.

I spoke with the video guys to ensure we could work together as it was going to be tight for space at the front. I was fortunate that they were nice relaxed guys and we had no issues and Im looking forward to seeing the results of their night.

Mica Millar took to a full stage to great applause from the full house at the venue. The full stage was due to 2 guitarists, keys, backing singers, drummer and a strings section. It says a lot about Mica that she has the skills to blend all these performers as well as her amazing vocals.

I was lucky enough to have watched Mica perform at The Deaf Institute and really loved her voice and performance. I was still slightly concerned when I looked at the stage that her amazing voice may loose some of its impact amongst the wealth of music on the stage. I was really pleased that her voice was still the highlight of the night with the musicians supporting her brilliantly.

The crowd loved every song and joined in with several, I was fortunate enough to be standing next to two ladies that have song with Mica and so had the best surround sound. On the subject of sound credit should go to the technician as the sound was perfect all night. Mica performed a brilliant set blending new and established songs with her usual relaxed style. 

After the final song the crowd continued to sing along to themselves. Mica joined them to sign CDs and thank all those that had attended and in the bar the DJ calmed the crowd with relaxed tunes.

Thank you to Mica and team for inviting me to photograph the event, to all the staff at Band on the Wall for looking after me.



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