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Putting on the Ritz

November 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Ritz Manchester

10 November


Vintage Trouble

A cold wet Tuesday night and road works on the outskirts of Manchester did not put me in a good mood for a night at a gig. I entered the Ritz and my mood lifted as there was already a buzz in the air. The first drum beats and I was in the Slydig zone.

Slydigs are a band that I have been fortunate enough to photograph and watch live on numerous occasions and I can say they just keep getting better. They played a great mix of new songs and some of their classics. The crowd instantly appreciated the quality of their music and would have kept them on stage for the full night.

Photos to follow

















It says a lot about Ty Taylor the front man for Vintage Trouble that he had introduced Slydigs to the stage himself. The next time he entered the stage he was wearing a black trousers, cummerbund and red jacket. I have never seen a front man cover as much ground or be as entertaining. During the course of the set he walked along the rail of the photographers pit (the security staff faces were a picture), he climber onto the rail of the balcony to sing down to the crowd and also walked into the middle of the crowd to sing some songs.

I had watched clips of the bands performances but nothing beats seeing them live. It is no surprise that they have an amazing list of artists that have requested the band to open for them. Ty has an amazing voice that men are jealous of and woman become like unstable teenagers falling in love for the first time.

















The band are a great tight unit and the advantage of Ty going walkabout is that the musicians get to show their skills including blues guitar as good as you will ever hear.

















Look these bands up on line go and see them if you have a bad night there is no hope for you!!

Many thanks to the Slydigs front man Dean for sorting my access

I feel that I was at a gig that will be reminisced over for many years to come thanks to both bands for that.

Thanks to staff and management at The Ritz for a great venue I hope to visit again soon



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