Three for the Price of None

November 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
The Ferret Preston
No Hot Ashes
New York Tourists
A handful of flying saucer sweets with the band logo on them. If thats not imaginative promotion at its best I don't know what is, although may be a bit dodgy trying to explain to the law why you carry round a bag containing CDs and a jar of sweets. Mr Peeps knows how to promote the No Hot Ashes boys although their music does a good job on its own.
Despite suffering from a cold/manflu frontman Isaac gave it all singing, playing and stumping around the stage. He never fails to give a great performance.
I'm not sure who was to blame or if it was the occasion but the tempo of their already fast tempo songs seemed to increase tonight leaving Matt the drummer looking like oxygen may be required, fair play to him he never missed a beat.
Jack on bass is far too talented and once again provided a great bottom line to the songs. Slightly more refrained than Isaac, Luigi is a quality guitarist and also provides the vocals on some of the tracks.
The boys style has been described as funk with punk with rap. I have never really got my head around these descriptions, I prefer great music, ok music or crap. I may have sub groups such as in the car, chilling or in bad mood type music.
The best thing find 10 minutes have a listen for yourself or even better spend a night watching them. I think they are a great band to watch but what do I know!
New York Tourist are a new band to me and I like them. I'm going to start on the non musical aspect they have a t-shirt design featuring a skull and band name that is one of the best band t-shirts I have seen in a while. If I hadn't been so busy trying to time my shots with the occasional beam of light to hit the stage I would have had one.
BLACKBURN: I give you 1 minutes to recall famous musical acts from Blackburn........ Give in!!
Well this could be one in a short list.
The band to took to the stage with encouragement from the crowd of fans that they had brought with them. They played a great set of drum based rock. All member are talented musicians and together have some great songs.
They have a great set list including my favourite Colours as a local band I hope to see them again soon.
Dexters are a band that I have heard about and seen on listings many times but this was the first time I have been able to watch a full set.
They have been described as the bastard child of The Clash, The Jam and The La's and I don't disagree.
The venue was packed it was very dark, very hot and the music was very loud it was perfect for this band. They play a great set of songs which will soon be favourites of anyone who hears them.
They are on their second albumn and have supported some class acts as well as filling venues in their own right. They are a london based band and I hope they make the return trip up North very soon.
If you want to know how the megaphone comes into play go and see them!
The price of admission for 3 great bands free.
Unfortunately the Ferret is a hard place to take shots it is ridiculously dark and the stage is low but I had a go.
Thanks to Mr Peeps for the invite
Thanks for the bands for entertaining me
Thanks to Ferret for your hospitality.


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