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Singing, Sneering,Snarling and Stomping

December 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Singing, sneering, snarling, stomping
In 2014 I photographed Madding Crowd at the Eagle Inn Salford and Friday night I was back as they shared the headline with 99 Degree.
The Eagle Inn in Salford is a traditional pub with a secret. At the back of the pub is a door that could lead to a kitchen or cleaners cupboard but through it is a short corridor that leads to the gig area. It is a double weighted room with stage at the front sound desk at the back and a viewing balcony at first floor height.
The opening act was Elijah James Who started with an amazing cover. Which was great and worth checking out online. He continued to play great song and has a gentle voice that is very easy and pleasant to listen to. My favourite song was don't sleep to well simply a great song. I hope to catch him soon playing a longer set.
The Blinders are a 3 piece band from Doncaster now based in Manchester. Who play their own original songs that have dark edge to them.
They play night and day on 21 January and also have tracks on the internet to check out.
The Madding Crowd have a new drummer and credit must be given for anyone trying to keep up with these guys. I'm not sure that they always know what will happen during a song for every credit to Sav who did a great job.
The moment the first chord is strummed until the reverb finally dies away it is pure musical entertainment. I cannot stress enough how this band needs to be seen live to fully appreciate them.
They have a great selection of songs from the anthem like stomping performance of Walking in the Rain to the sat on stage calm of Want to die
It is no surprise to find out that the band contains successful actors as the really do perform their songs from stomping around the stage, dancing in the crowd to kneeling and lying on the stage in exhaustion.
It is also good that they do play he occasional calm slower song to allow the audience to confirm they re not just a novelty act but accomplished musicians and wordsmiths.
There is video being released of the gig but I would urge you to see them live and promoters to put them on a bigger stage both physically and metopherically
99 Degree are the last band of the night and are a psychedelic Garage Rock Band (their description not mine)
from Manchester. The front man had to contend with a troublesome bandana but still managed to give a great
I can understand why this band and Madding Crowd get on as although different sounds their is a
common thread running through their music. They played a great set including Dead or Alive and Heart of the
City which are both available on soundcloud. These tracks show that they have a good selection of their own
Once again thanks to the Eagle for the hospitality, all the performers for the entertainment and crowd for letting
me get in their way.
If you would like to use or have a print of any of the shots get in touch Labrat


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