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3 Lessons Learnt

April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In my previous blog I posted a description and some shots taken at sunset on Lytham beach. I learned three lessons during the shoot and would like to share them.

I met a photographer who was shooting in what I would consider a typical landscape photographers style. He was set up on his tripod patiently waiting for the light to be exactly as he wanted. He did not move place or change position of his camera for over an hour. I spoke with him then took shots of the decaying metal structure of the pier. the sunset, the photographer, went for a walk and then a couple more of the structure and sunset.

He got the shot he wanted a stunning sunset.

Lesson 1 There are many varieties of photographer and although it may not be your style there is always something to be gained from looking at a different style to your usual style.

There were several photographers on the beach and I noticed that they were all focused on shooting the same image sunset on the horizon and why not it was lovely. I turned around and took shots of the sunset reflected in the building windows. I shot the underside of the pier and also one of the other photographers. 

Lesson 2 Don't follow the herd. Take the photos that you like not what you think you should be taking. If it doesn't work out nothing lost.

I took my shots packed my bag and went to the nearby pub for a coffee

Lesson 3 The temperature drops when the sun goes down. Be prepared for it.

As ever feedback and comments welcome just be nice.

Cheers Labrat


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