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Familiar Voices at the Harris

March 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One Voice Community Choir are based in Preston and were invited to perform at the Harris museum. I have been visiting the museum all my life and I still enjoy looking around at the exhibits and the building itself. The choir I have known for a very long as my wife sang with them when I met her and I used to run the sound desk for them at gigs.

The choir leader is the ridiculously talented Tyndale Thomas who is a very skilled singer, composer, pianist as well as choir leader. 

The man on the keys was just a young boy when I first met him but as I expected he has developed into a very special musician Aidan Thomas.

The Harris is a really interesting building but not used for live performances and so I was really interested to see how this night would work out. The choir performed a lot of songs that I was familiar with and also a couple of new ones I did not know.

The choir sounded great and the soloists sounding amazing I could have put my camera down and simply enjoyed the music. 


It was a tricky venue to shoot in as the pillars blocked the view from some angles and the room was quite dark. The Harris staff were really accommodating and allowed me to shoot from the first floor of the museum.

Many thanks to the choir for inviting me to shoot them and great to catch up with you.

Thank you to all the staff at the Harris for your hospitality.




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