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Stealing Rum from the Factory

March 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Factory Manchester is a venue housed in the original Factory Records building. As you enter a large picture of Tony Wilson looks down on you. 


The gig kicked off with Red Light Effect. I have not seen this band before but enjoyed their set. I also liked the sense of humour of the lead singer. The back of his t-shirt read "sing in tune drummer boy".


Mad Winter were next on the stage with a full crowd in the venue. This Manchester band really seemed to enjoy performing and played a good set.

Orchid Hunters describe their sound as "high energy grooving rock" and I agree. They have some videos on their Facebook so have a look. I really enjoyed their set and look forward to seeing them again.

Rum Thief are one of my favourite Manchester bands. I saw Jon perform a solo set and was transfixed by his style. He plays the guitar hard and yet has sensitive clever lyrics. He now performs with a full band and this has increased my enjoyment of the set. He was launching his new EP "Time To Make A Move". 


Jon also used the night to raise money for The Sanctuary which is a centre that provides a place of safety and support for adults at crisis point. Contact details are at bottom of blog.

The night also also provided people the opportunity to think about Priya and have a drink and dance for her.

The only downside to the night was the lack of time to enjoy the full set of songs planned by Rum Thief as time beat us. This just left me wanting to know when the next gig will be.


Thanks to the bands for entertaining me.

Thanks to Jon, family and friends for making me feel so welcome 

The Sanctuary can be contacted at

0300 003 7029




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